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SEATTLE — Microsoft is serious about making its most lucrative business, Office, relevant to mobile users. What is less clear is how much money it will be able to make from them.西雅图——让Office这个公司最赚的业务对移动用户包含吸引力,是微软公司(Microsoft)十分重视的。至于能从他们身上赚到多少钱,就不得而知了。On Monday, the company announced partnerships with nearly a dozen makers of tablets based on Android, Google’s mobile operating system. The most prominent of those deals is with Samsung, the largest maker of Android devices, which plans to ship Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, on some of its tablets during the first half of this year. Just recently, Microsoft cut a similar deal to load Office onto Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones. Microsoft said Dell would also put Office on its Android tablets. Nine other companies, mostly regional hardware makers in other countries, will do the same.周一,微软公司宣告将与十几家基于谷歌(Google)移动操作系统Android的平板电脑制造商合作。

这批交易中最引人注目的就是它与仅次于的Android设备制造商三星(Samsung)之间协议。该公司计划于今年上半年,在公司的一些平板电脑上装载Word、Excel、PowerPoint和OneNote等Office软件。前不久,微软公司刚达成协议了一笔相近的交易,要在三星的新款Galaxy S6和S6 Edge手机上装载Office软件。微软公司称之为,戴尔(Dell)也不会在其Android平板电脑上装载Office。

另外还有九家公司,其中大多是其他国家的地区性硬件制造商,也不会这样做到。The deals are yet another illustration of how Microsoft has changed its philosophy about mobile. The old Microsoft fought the mobile technology duopoly of Android and Apple’s iOS by withholding its Office applications from them. The new Microsoft is doing everything it can to get Office into the hands of people with those devices.这些交易也再度解释,微软公司关于移动设备的观念再次发生了何种改变。


原本的微软公司,为了对付Android和苹果(Apple)iOS对移动科技的独占,仍然不愿在涉及设备上加装Office应用于。而新的微软公司,却在尽一切有可能,让用于这些设备的人们能认识到Office。“It goes to show we are truly reinventing ourselves,” Peggy Johnson, executive vice president for business development at Microsoft, said in an interview.微软公司商业发展继续执行副总裁佩吉·约翰逊(Peggy Johnson)在专访中说道,“它不会指出我们知道在重塑自己。”Microsoft’s top priority at the moment is clearly more use, not sales. The company is letting mobile users run Office on their phones and tablets free, in the hopes of eventually luring them to buy premium features available through an Office subscription service. Ms. Johnson said there had been 80 million downloads of Office on iOS, which powers iPhones and iPads.微软公司目前的首要任务毫无疑问是更加多的使用量,而非销售量。



This so-called freemium approach to making money is the standard for countless app start-ups today. It is, however, a bit riskier for a company like Microsoft with a colossal, mature software franchise like Office, one that brings in billions of dollars in revenue a year.这种通过所谓的免费电子货币模式来赚的方法,是当今无数应用程序初创企业的惯用手段。不过,对于享有Office这样大型而成熟期的软件的微软公司而言,风险就不会大一些。Office每年可以带给数十亿美元的收益。

Microsoft does not seem worried that giving away a functional version of Office for mobile will kill its business. And it certainly does not seem to be slowing the pace of its efforts to make Office a mainstay for Android and iOS users.微软公司或许并不担忧,为移动设备获取一个能用的Office版本将对其业务导致可怕危险性。而且它毫无疑问还不会之后希望,让Office沦为Android和iOS用户的选用。

“We’re comfortable with the model as it stands,” Ms. Johnson said.约翰逊说道,“目前来看,我们对这种模式一挺失望。